The Best Type Of Flooring For Short-Term Lets

With a single landlord in the UK now making an eye-watering £11.9 million per year from letting out property on AirBnB - this article covers how the right flooring can help you profit from your short-term lets. Although these earnings are more than the average to say the least (the landlords in question had over [...]

The Best Type Of Flooring For Short-Term Lets2017-12-06T10:19:16+00:00

Flooring Guide For Large Conference & Exhibition Rooms

Having recently fitted floor coverings in very large conference rooms at one of the oldest and most famous football stadiums in Britain, we thought we would turn the attention of our flooring guide this week to covering large interior areas. You will also find below information on new floor coverings for large exhibition areas. Carpet [...]

Flooring Guide For Large Conference & Exhibition Rooms2017-12-06T10:16:38+00:00

The Best Approach To Hotel Refurbishment Projects

Insights from contractors who have been there before When it is time to refurbish a hotel good planning and employing the knowledge of a reputable hotel refurbishment contractor is essential.  As a commercial flooring contractor and supplier (we are in the unbiased position of NOT being a complete hotel and hospitality refurbishment company), we feel [...]

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Flooring & Safety: Fire Prevention

Recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower have focused the minds of local authorities, central government, architects and building design consultancies on fire prevention and containment. We are not, it should be noted, qualified to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of fire containment within commercial or multi-residence buildings. The report into the tower disaster [...]

Flooring & Safety: Fire Prevention2017-11-10T12:48:46+00:00
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