With a single landlord in the UK now making an eye-watering £11.9 million per year from letting out property on AirBnB – this article covers how the right flooring can help you profit from your short-term lets.

Although these earnings are more than the average to say the least (the landlords in question had over 800 properties in London), with the right images helping landlords earn from lucrative short term-lets, attractive flooring can really make property images pop.

Whilst it is essential to offer a realistic appraisal of the property you have to offer and the options you are prepared to accept (single room available within your home; entire property etc.) it is also very important to have an acceptable level of accommodation which will attract positive feedback.

Many of the high earning landlords have offered short-stay rents in popular and busy city locations such as London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester.

Some considerations which flooring can help with are: hygiene; maintenance and cleaning between bookings; aesthetics and clarity for potential guests – are you offering a special stay experience or just convenient location at a good price.

Hygiene & Maintenance between stays

One thing that is likely to attract the wrong type of business-busting reviews is poor hygiene.  Damaged flooring can provide harbourages for dirt and pests which lead to disgruntled guests.

It can also constitute a safety or tripping hazard.  No one wants to make a decent living from renting out their property portfolio short-term only to be sued!

Consider a laminate or hard floor to make cleaning easy whilst looking great on photographs.  If you want a warmer, family friendly-feel then a hard-wearing carpet in a hue that is forgiving on spillages may be the way to go.

Always set your expectations clearly on what guests should do in the event of a drink or food spillage.  These can be made prominent online and also in a welcome note to guests somewhere prominent, such as on a coffee table, kitchen table or work surface.

It is always worth keeping the appropriate cleaning equipment and products stocked to avoid excuses and make where they are clear in your notes to guest / online expectations.

This can considerably add to the life and durability of your chosen floor coverings.


It is no secret that photographs sell property – just ask an estate agent or hotel operator!

If you are offering a special guest experience then attractively coloured floor tiling or luxurious deep-pile carpet can make a big difference to the visual appeal of your property online.   As your interior photographs tend to shoot from a higher to low angle, the flooring on show is inevitably prominent.  What you choose as a covering (and what you put on it – avoid clutter at all costs) really can make a difference to occupancy rates.

Combine attractive photographs with descriptions. For example if you have a private, clean and fully functional bathroom for your guest with a beautiful chequered tile floor – display it with a description highlighting that it is private for the use of your guest only – emphasising it is all theirs for the duration of their stay.  The combination of images and written benefits will make your listing all the more effective.

If you are considering the short-term let market to boost rental earnings and feel your property needs a sensibly-priced and attractive flooring make-over beforehand please do contact us for advice and quotations.