Considered by some to be the ultimate flooring, commercial resin flooring offers an extremely durable and attractive finish to modern business premises.  Also known as a ‘poured floor’, resin floors are laid by distributing liquid epoxy or polyurethane resin over a prepared substrate or pre-existing floor.  As the resin ‘cures’ it becomes a tough, durable, solid surface.

Self Levelling

Since this type of flooring is ‘laid’ in liquid form, it is self-levelling or ‘self-smoothing’.  This is an extremely efficient approach, as large, completely even surfaces can be created with a high-quality finish.  Self-levelling resin flooring can be poured over a wide range of existing flooring types, or over application specific substrates and can be coloured or clear.

Commercial epoxy resin flooring can be formulated to serve specific applications.  Resin flooring techniques range from simple, light, ‘epoxy resin painted’ finishes, to heavy duty industrial solutions.  Industrial formulations are poured deep enough to be suitable for warehousing, bearing forklift trucks and factory plant as well as heavy foot traffic.

commercial resin floors for offices, retail, service industries

Benefits Of Resin Floors

  • Attractive, smooth aesthetics
  • Wide range of colours
  • Extremely durable & strong
  • Very resistant to fire
  • Suitable for heavy traffic areas
  • Low Maintenance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemically resistant
  • Hygienic & safe finish
  • Resistant to impacts
  • Antislip surface
  • Rapid deployment and curing

Heavy Duty Industrial Resin Floors

With thicker applications of specially formulated epoxy resin (or polyurethane) onto suitable substrates, heavy-duty resin floors excel in the most rugged industrial applications.

The resin floors that we lay in industrial units provide an incredibly resiliant shop-floor surface.  They are hard-wearing enough to be used by vehicular traffic such as forklifts and lifting equipment, day in day out.

stain resistant resin factory floor

Floors finished with an epoxy or polyurethane surface are extremely resistant to petrochemical products, oil and solvents which could cause a great deal of damage to other types of floor.  Resin floors are resistant to acidic and alkaline spillages too.

If your business utilises particular chemicals which can spill and cause contamination, you can specify an epoxy or polyurethane formulation to provide you with increased protection against that class of hazard. Specialist formulations can be used to provide total protection against many specifically insidious chemicals. In addition to its general durability, moisture and temperature tolerance is inherent with resin surfaces.

easy cleaning resin factory floor

Resin floors are also much easier to clean, they are rugged enough to be pressure washed if required.

Older styles of floors and screeds don’t deal with damage as well and are more prone to fracturing over time.  Heavy machinery is easily sited on the totally level surface that resin provides, vehicles can move easily across them too.  Dropped tools are less likely to damage your shop floor due to the highly impact-resistant properties of resin floors.

Our epoxy resin flooring is the ultimate in safe, durable, functional and beautiful flooring.  It is also cheaper to maintain than other kinds of industrial floors.

  • Industrial Plants
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Showrooms
  • Public Buildings
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Studios

Commercial Resin Flooring

A range of commercial resin floor formulations are available to cope with a wide variety of medium to heavy duty applications.

Commercial and medical facilities benefit from resin floors because they look great and they are very easy to clean and maintain.  Smooth, slip-resistant resin floors are hygienic because they are seamless and form an impervious non-porous barrier.  There is nowhere for dirt and contaminants to accumulate. Spillages are no problem either as epoxy floors are easy to clean.

As well as being inert, resin floors are hypoallergenic and unreactive to most chemicals. Anti-static properties mean that your sensitive equipment won’t be at risk of static shocks or discharge. Anti-slip properties of resin flooring can be further enhanced with the addition of specific aggregates to cope with floors to be used in unusually wet, dry or greasy environments. In addition to its general durability, temperature tolerance is built into resin surfaces.

shopping centre resin floor commercial

Anti-slip properties of epoxy flooring can be further enhanced with the addition of specific aggregates to cope with floors to be used in unusually wet, dry or greasy environments. In addition to its general durability, temperature tolerance is built into resin surfaces.

commercial resin floorResin floors look amazing in modern premises.  Chic and stylish, they have an elegance and charm that is quite unique, but they are just as practical as they are beautiful.

Colouring and adding texture to the resin floor means that you can customise it to suit the style of the job. You can create a chic colour match or texture to increase the appeal of the job, or increase practicality and exceed safety standards.

With the addition of pigments and dyed aggregates, commercial resin floors can take on the exact colour that the job requires.  Decorative aggregates can be added to provide visual texture with natural or coloured varieties available.

Using different colours and textures, specific areas of the premises may be zoned or demarked to provide visual cues to staff or visitors.

underfloor heatingIf underfloor heating is used in the premises, resin flooring is an ideal candidate.

Inert and stable, it doesn’t damage pipes, in fact it helps to provide a protective cover and conducts heats well, keeping clients comfortable and safe.

Changes in underfloor heating temperatures won’t weaken or discolour resin floors either.

stain resistant resin floorsNon-slip durability, chemical resistance and easy-clean hygiene combine to create a hard wearing floor to complete the project.

Spilt beer, wine, spirits, tea and coffee won’t leave a mark, they won’t even make a resin floor slippery.

Resin floors won’t suffer damage from even the heaviest levels of footfall.

office acoustic resin floorIn conjunction with suitable subfloors and substrates, a resin floor can help to reduce noise between stories of the building.

Busy offices can generate a lot of noise.  Whether it is machinery, footsteps, meetings or recreation rooms.  Resin floors constructed with acoustic dampening in mind can help to keep noise at bay.

If your project includes commercial residential premises, the acoustic insulation of a specifically constructed resin floor can improve user comfort while improving the practicality, comfort and safety of the rooms.

gymnasium resin floorWe also have options for gymnasiums and sports halls of any size or purpose.

Hygienic and durable resin gym floors can be made more comfortable for floor exercise, without compromise on impact resistance.

With elastic layers to support visitors knees and intrinsic biologically inert, hypoallergenic properties, epoxy resin is a great, low-maintenance option for exercise spaces.

hospital ward hygienic resin flooringMedical premises benefit from several aspects of resin floors.

Anti-static properties mean that sensitive equipment won’t be damaged by static discharge.

Antiseptic cleaning agents and harsh detergents can be used without risk of damage to our resin floors.

They’re also bacteriostatic and seamless, making resin floors the ideal solution for hospitals, clinics, doctors surgeries, vets and any other medical application.

  • Shops & retail units
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping centres & malls
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Exhibition spaces and hospitality venues
  • Clubs & bars
  • Residential & care homes
  • Gyms, leisure centres & sporting facilities
  • Health clubs & spas

Epoxy Painted Floors: Sealing & Coating

Low-cost floor sealing and coating increases the stability of existing floor surfaces such as concrete, wood, asphalt or even metal.  It also eliminates dust caused by wear and tear, while increasing durability. Epoxy painted floors utilise the structural and finishing properties of resin to seal and reinforce the existing surface.

Epoxy painted floors utilise the structural and finishing properties of resin to seal and reinforce the existing surface.  A choice of colours, textures or clear finish are available, bringing you a beautiful, hard wearing and low maintenance floor that is cheap to maintain.

resin hotel lobbyThe resin floor ‘painted’ layer makes your floor more stable.  Once the resin has set, your floor is easier to clean as it is impervious to dirt, dust and spills.

Epoxy painted flooring is also waterproof and can be used to seal wetrooms or showering facilities making a single waterproof surface to protect your room and make it resistant to mould or bacterial growth.

Resin floors are ideal for virtually any part of your premises.

A new painted resin surface can drastically improve the lifespan of your existing floor or create a brand new one.  Any existing degradation or distress is stopped in its tracks.

A wide selection of floor colours and decorative or functional aggregates can be added to the resin to provide the finished look.  You also can combine colours to mark out separate parts of your floor or premises.

We can also utilise a clear epoxy paint can with UV resistant properties to preserve your existing floor and let it show through. It can also enhance the beauty of the existing floor while making it more practical to clean and maintain.  This technique can be used to immortalise your artistic creations, making a unique flooring surface.  See the example below.

Applications Of Resin Painted Flooring

Painted resin floors are suitable for a wide range of applications and offer a major upgrade for any premises:

  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Drink
  • Recreation
  • Residential
  • Industrial

Commercial Resin Floors Help With BREEAM & LEED Assessments

Resin floors tick all the boxes.  They are durable, quiet (especially when laid with elasticated acoustic dampening substrates), hygienic and safe.  Free from VOC’s, heavy metals and once in place is non-toxic and inert.

With low maintenance costs compared to many other commercial grade flooring and decorative colours and aggregates, resin floors are a great choice for a multitude of sectors.

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