Commercial carpet tiles are the flexible, modular carpet format, designed to be durable and stain resistant.  Heavy contract tiles offer extremely durable performance for very high traffic zones.

LRS Commercial Flooring offer a great range of carpet tile options.   We can supply and install a range of different colours, shapes and sizes of tile. Using these options, we can create interesting floors designs for your project.  Modern patterns simulating wooden or stone floors and other contemporary designs are also available.

  • Hard Wearing

  • Attractive

  • Easy To Maintain / Replace

Why Choose Carpet Tiles

If the existing floor is of hard construction such as ceramic tiles, vinyl or wood floors, we can usually fit tiles directly onto the existing surface.  This means a lower budget for preparation and clean-up than some flooring types.

Because of their modular nature, commercial floor tiles offer greater design flexibility.  We can easily combine colours, make patterns or to ‘zone’ different areas of the floor, by using different patterned tiles fitted together.

Durable and stain resistant, clients will also find it easy to effectively clean up dirt, spillages or soiling.  Some businesses are now adopting carpet tiles to replace their roll-carpets.  LRS Commercial Flooring also supply and install commercial sheet cord carpets where they are a better choice for your project.

Many types of carpet tiles don’t require glue-down fitting, which is useful where access to underfloor utilities might be an issue.  If an individual tile becomes damaged, we can remove and replace them individually, whether or not they are glued down.  Lower repair and maintenance cost is a handy selling point for this solution.

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Commercial Applications

Durability, easy cleaning and longevity are key considerations for most flooring applications and commercial carpet tiles tick all of these boxes.  With new carpet tile styles and formats appearing all the time, design freedom is quickly becoming another deciding factor.  Businesses with Areas where spillages are common, or where children or animals regularly visit may find carpet tiles particularly appealing.

  • Universities, Colleges, Schools & Nurseries
  • Veterinary Surgeries & Doctors / Dentists Clinics
  • Offices & Common Rooms
  • Airports & Waiting Rooms
  • Shops & Retail Units
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