Project Description

Client Sector: Dental Surgery (Out of Hours Dentist)

Location: Birmingham, West Midlands

Customer Needs: A cap and cove flooring system. To conform to health and safety requirements and suitable for keeping clinically clean at all times.

Specification: Polyfloor Wood FX cap & cove safety floor


A cap and cove system was fitted to a high standard. The cleanliness achieved with this flooring helps any surgery to maintain patient confidence and satisfaction.

The flooring was fitted prior to the new dental chair being installed so no cutting was required around new surgery furnishings. The new dental chair could be simply fitted on top of the new surface.  This was deemed preferable to cutting around existing or newly fitted furnishings as cuts around furnishings, no matter how carefully done, can create small harbourages for dirt, bacteria or dropped materials.  Therefore it is easier to keep rooms clinically clean when the furnishings are fitted on top of the new easy clean flooring.